Making your initial purchase is just as important to us as it is to you! With over 500 kayaks on the property and 50+ models, DEMOs will allow you to single out the best kayak/paddle board to fit your needs. Located on the water allows us to try as many models as it takes! 

At Estero River Outfitters, we don’t just sell you the kayak, we are there with you start, to finish. From the selection process, how to transport, where to paddle, replacement parts, etc.

Try Before You Buy

Estero River Outfitters has over 500 kayaks on the premise ready to try every day. We save our customers money by making their first purchase the right one. Kayak buying can be like trying on shoes; they all look similar on display but after trying them you know what you do and don’t like.

Try as many as you’d like for as along as you would like!

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No One Undersells Us

Estero River Outfitters is Southwest Florida’s largest and most complete kayak and stand-up-paddleboard shop. We earned our reputation by putting customers first. We’ll match any confirmed price from any competitor.

A mistake-free purchase policy designed to keep you happy and on the water

You never need to worry about choosing the wrong kayak or stand-up-paddleboard at Estero River Outfitters. Our expert staff will walk you carefully through the selection process. If for any reason your choice doesn’t meet your needs or expectations, we’ll exchange it under our liberal trade-in policy. 100% credit, no questions asked. Our only goal is to get you into the kayak or stand-up-paddleboard that’s right for you. Risk free.

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Service & Customer Care like no other

The benefits and service don’t stop at Estero River Outfitters when you purchase a kayak or stand-up-paddleboard. We provide free-of-charge labor to install any accessories you purchase for as long as you own your boat. And we don’t nickel-and-dime you over minor repairs either. We’ll make small fixes at no labor cost to you for the first year. After all, we want you on the water enjoying the sport, not beached because of a repair charge. With 40 years of experience; we have seen it all.

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A trade-up program that keeps more money in your pocket

You’ll love our customer friendly programs when it’s time for a new kayak or stand-up paddle board. We’ll take your old model at a generous trade-in price against your new purchase. If you bought your trade-in kayak or stand-up-paddleboard at Estero River Outfitters within the past year, we’ll apply 100% of the original purchase price toward a more expensive new model. Moving up couldn’t be easier on you or your wallet.

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Rent-to-Own program offers the best of both worlds

Our convenient rent-to-own program gives you a full opportunity to explore the exciting sport of kayaking or stand-up-paddle boarding. While you’re having fun, you’ll also be building equity in a potential future purchase. Should you decide to buy your boat, Estero River Outfitters will apply 50% of all rental charges to your preset retail price. That’s because at Estero River Outfitters, the experience is all about you. To qualify, you simply sign up for the program in advance. Then, every time you rent, we record the amount of your credit against a future purchase.

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