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A Newcomer’s Guide to Safe Paddling

Paddling is a life-changing way to get exercise, enjoy the beauty of nature, and become part of a fraternity of like-minded enthusiasts. The world you’re entering is a special one. Unfortunately, this world isn’t always safe. There are hazards in paddlesports, and you have the responsibility of keeping yourself, and those whom you’re paddling, safe on the water. Here’s the good news- with the right equipment, proper instruction, and good judgement, you increase your safety immensely. 

Available Classes

Beginner Basics Kayak Skills Course:


Level 1 Introduction to Kayaking:

2-3hr Course

Level 2: Kayak Day-trip leader

Following a L1 lesson; 4hour course. Call if you are interested in this course and it could be a 2 day course, as you will need to complete the L1 course 1st.

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