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The mighty Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud™Motor is a 32lb thrust motor designed specifically for personal watercraft, offering the NoDrag™, no maintenance housing.

1.Choose your Boat

2.Choose your Marine Mat Combo

3.Get it installed by the Pros

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We do all the shopping for you! 

Picking the Perfect Paddle

Get fitted with the best paddle for you! We are here to talk with you about the right diameter, blade size and shape for your particular paddling style.


Finding the Proper Life Jacket

We carry a wide range of PFDs, from inflatable belts to Fishing vests.
We have it all.

Coolers and Dry Storage

We carry a full range of Soft and Hard Coolers, Dry boxes, Dry bags.
We have it all!


We carry only the best Polarized Sunglasses


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